Steel Core Belt - 1.5

Steel Core Belt - 1.5

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    This is an extreme belt. It is .37" thick and very stiff. It is 20 oz. weight and has an internal steel core insert resulting in the strongest belt you will ever strap around your waist.

    This steel core belt does require some break-in when buckling due to the thickness. When new it will require some effort to buckle and place through the keeper. This will break in after a few weeks and not be an issue.

    So, if you feel you are still in need for the ultimate steel core belt read on:

    Hanks CCW Steel Core Gun belt is like nothing else on the market. If you're the type of person who simply likes to buy the best and never have to look back this is the belt for you.

    A tri-layer belt made of two layers of USA steer hide harness leather with a steel core sandwiched in the middle this belt will hold more than you could ever carry. At 20 oz. we believe this is the thickest and strongest belt on the market today. As a test, we actually parked a Jeep on it and it did not give way.

    Made here in the USA by Master Amish belt makers this is a complicated belt to make but once done it is a true work of art. We start with two pieces of 10 oz. full grain vegetable tanned harness leather from USA steer hides. We then build in a spring steel core between the two layers which results in a belt that will probably last longer than you.

    The heavy-duty roller buckle is practically indestructible. This buckle makes cinching your belt down a breeze and reduces wear on the belt where it is used most. Holding this all together are two Chicago screws so you can easily swap our buckle out to a buckle of your choosing. Unlike snaps which can become weak and unreliable over time, Chicago screws are dependable and long-lasting.

    The Steel Core Belt is made from harness leather that is some of the toughest and strongest you will find. Other companies use a lighter duty leather which is easier to work with but results in a belt that can start to wrinkle in areas of stress. Each layer in our belt would stand on its own, but combine them and you could use it to tow a truck. 

    • 2 layers of full grain harness leather with a steel core center
    • 20 oz. weight
    • .37" thick
    • Heavy-duty roller buckle
    • Chicago screw construction
    • 6 holes spaced 1" on center
    • USA Made
    • USA steer hide
    • Sizes 32"-60" available
    • TriLayer Belt Leather + Steel + Leather
    • 100-year warranty


  • Style Number ACH104


     1 1/2"



    Leather Weight


    Leather Ply

    Tri-Layer: Leather + Steel + Leather

    Country Of Manufacture


    Leather Type

    USA Tanned North American Steer Hide 


    Heavy Duty Roller Buckle - USA or Imported

  • If using your belt for concealed carry, or as a work belt to carry items on, we recommend buying 2 sizes larger than your pant size.
    EX: 36 pants, buy a 40 belt.

    For use without carrying items on the belt, buy one size larger than pant size.
    EX: 36 pants buy a 38 belt. 

    Belt Measurements

    For reference here are the measurement specifications if you wish to compare to a current belt you already own:

    IMPORTANT: Do not include buckle length in measurement. Measurements are from where the leather folds over the buckle.

    Steel Core Belt Has 6 Holes Spaced 1" On Center
    *All measurements are approximate and can vary slightly due to the handcrafted nature of this belt.

    BELT SIZE Measurement to 3rd Hole Measurement To End Of Belt
    32 32" 39"
    34 34" 41"
    36 36" 43"
    38 38" 45"
    40 40" 47"
    42 42" 49"
    44 44" 51"
    46 46" 53"
    48 48" 55"
    50 50" 57"
    52 52" 59"
    54 54" 61"
    56 56" 63"
    58 58" 65"
    60 60" 67"

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