Scratchless Mechanics Belt - 1.5

Scratchless Mechanics Belt - 1.5

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  • Mechanics belts are ideal for mechanics or anyone performing a job that requires close contact with scratchable surfaces. This USA Made belt has no buckle and is the perfect addition to any wardrobe. The handy hook & loop closure fastens easily and securely with a perfect fit every time. No getting caught between holes like can happen on standard size belts.

    We have found that these belts are not just beneficial to mechanics, but are useful for anyone looking for a non-metallic belt or those with occupational difficulties. It is a smart-looking, multi-faceted belt useful to many.

    • 1 1/2" Width
    • USA Made
    • Genuine Full Grain Leather. One-piece solid leather construction. No bonding or filling. Top-quality.
    • This belt won't scratch fine woodwork or cabinetry.
    • This belt won't damage painted surfaces.
    • Perfect Mechanics Belt. Won't scratch the finish on vehicles.
    • Perfect belt for playing musical instruments. This belt won't scratch the back of your fine Guitar.
    • Perfect fit belt infinitely adjustable. No getting caught between holes.
    • Airport and Security friendly. This belt won't set off metal detectors.
    • No buckle to dig into your belly.
    • Non-Allergic Belt. No buckle is great for those that develop rashes from belt buckles.
    • Non-Magnetic Belt.
    • This belt releases quickly for hazardous work environments.
    • Non-conductive belt for working around electricity or wiring.
    • Perfect belt for people with arthritis. Easy to fasten for arthritic people, unlike traditional belts.

    When you are looking for a USA made quality leather mechanics belt look no further than Hanks Belts.

  • Style Number 65301


     1 1/2"


    ~.17" to .18"

    Leather Weight

    ~10oz - 11oz

    Leather Ply

    Solid 1 Piece Full Grain Leather

    Country Of Manufacture


    Leather Type

    USA Tanned Full-Grain North American Steer Hide



    Interchangeable Buckle

    No Buckle Hook and Loop Closure

    Number Of Holes and Spacing

    No Holes Hook and Loop Closure


    5 Years

    Manufacturing Entity USA Made
  • Buy this belt 1 size larger than waist.
    EX: 36 waist buy a 38 belt

    Belt Measurements

    For reference here are the measurement specifications if you wish to compare to a current belt you already own:

    IMPORTANT: Do not include buckle length in measurement. Measurements are from where the leather folds over the buckle.

    For this belt match the measurement you get to the hole you wear your belt in to the Measurement to Full Overlap. This will allow you adjustment both ways.

    Scratchless Belt has Zero Holes and a Hook and Loop Closure
    *All measurements are approximate and can vary slightly due to the handcrafted nature of this belt.

    BELT SIZE Measurement To Full Overlap Measurement To End Of Belt
    32 33" 40"
    34 35" 42"
    36 37" 44"
    38 39" 46"
    40 41" 48"
    42 43" 50"
    44 45" 52"
    46 47" 54"
    48 49" 56"
    50 51" 58"
    52 53" 60"
    54 55" 62"
    56 57" 64"
    58 59" 66"
    60 61" 68"

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